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Question: When are available flight dates?
Answer: Flight date can be booked via the website We add available dates on an ongoing basis, usually 1-2 weeks in advance and update them regularly according to availability of pilots.

Q: When is the best time to fly?
Answer: Read:

Q: Can passenger cancel the flight?
Answer: Yes, passenger can cancel the flight at any time before departure without giving any reason, if he does not feel fit for the flight.

Q: Does the passenger have to provide their weight before departure?
Answer: Yes,  passenger is obliged to state his actual weight and, if applicable, the weight of his luggage before departure. The maximum weight of all passengers on the Piper 28 aircraft for max. 3 passengers (without pilot) is 210 kg.

Question: Which airport do you fly from?
Answer: As a rule, flights are made from Poprad Tatry International Airport, unless otherwise agreed with the pilot. Parking is available at the airport.

Question: When do you recommend arriving at the airport?
Answer: We recommend arriving at the airport 10 minutes before departure.

Q: Can we eat before the flight?
Answer: We recommend, in your own interest, not to eat before the flight.

Q: What is the procedure in case of bad weather?
Answer: In case of bad weather, the flight will be canceled and you will be able to choose another flight date. Flight cancellation is initiated by the pilot or by the passenger. Weather in Tatras can be extremely changeable. We recommend following the current weather and forecast on our website

Q: How warm will it be on the plane?
Answer: Heating is available on the plane. Just dress appropriately for the weather on ground.

Question: Is it possible to extend the validity of the voucher?
Answer: In most cases, the validity of the voucher can be extended or renewed, contact us via email

Q: How long will the flight last?
Answer: Flight time is calculated from the time the aircraft starts moving for take-off until the aircraft stops. The total flight time may vary by +/- 10% from the purchased flight length due to operational reasons.

Question: Will the flight take place on the date we choose? Can the flight be delayed or cancelled?
Answer: Marco Air is not an airline, but a platform that connects pilots and passengers. Pilots are not employees of Marco Air, but private individuals. For operational or unforeseeable reasons (extraordinary and urgent situations limiting flight operations, also weather conditions, etc.), the flight may be delayed or canceled. Small aircraft are sensitive to weather conditions and maintenance, which can cause flight delays or cancellations, even at the last minute. For safety reasons, the passenger is obliged to respect the pilot’s decision to delay or cancel the flight. You will have the opportunity to choose another date.❗️

Question: How to find out if the flight will take place?
Answer: The day before the flight, you will automatically receive an e-mail with detailed information about the expected flight with contact of your pilot. Make sure the flight will take place the day before the flight and contact the pilot in case of confusion.

Question: Is it possible to extend the flight?
Answer: Yes, the flight can be extended after agreement with the pilot, if the circumstances allow it. Inform the pilot before the flight.

Question: Is it possible to use the voucher for another type of aircraft within the Marco Air offer?
Answer: ✈️ A voucher for a 60-minute flight can be automatically used for a 45-minute flight on a 2-engine plane for max. 2 persons.
Similarly ✈️ a voucher for a 45-minute flight can be automatically used for a 30-minute flight on a 2-engine plane for max. 2 persons.
Faster plane, same flight route, more spacious cabin, no extra charge.

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