A320 simulátor Godollo Budapest september 2023

Events and pilot meetings

Marco Air events:

Airbus A320 and Piper PA34 FNPT II Simulator for the Marco Air Pilot Community

27.-28. July 2023, Budapest alebo 27.-28. August 2023, Budapest (exact date TBD)

Dear pilots,

We have prepared a training program to improve your flying skills on the Airbus A320 and Piper PA34 simulators. This program will allow you to simulate various situations that you may encounter as pilots in real life and learn how to handle them correctly.

The training program will include various exercises focused on mastering different flight maneuvers and procedures, as well as training flights in various weather conditions.

This program is aimed at increasing your ability and proficiency in flying, and therefore improving your safety and reliability in flying.

Registration and info: pilot@dobrodruznelety.sk or +421910192057.

EASA events:


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